Susan Karol Martel, Ed.M. - Advocating affordable mental health care for all.

None Of Us comes equipped to handle all of our problems without help. Just as you might consult a lawyer or an accountant or doctor, consider consulting a therapist for ways to heighten your self understanding or strengthen relationship skills.

Susan Karol Martel, Ed.M. works with individuals and couples including racially and gender diverse individuals. In addition to short term
and longer term therapy, Susan offers a one time, 2 hour single session consultation to help you sharpen your focus on difficult personal issues and consider new directions.

An advocate of affordable psychological and general health care and sensitive to those whose financial circumstances haven't allowed them to begin therapy, she offers a sliding scale payment plan.

As an experienced diagnostician, if Susan feels there is a better treatment than she can offer to address your particular challenge, she will make sure you are directed to the type of professional who will give you the most current and appropriate care.

Susan's offices are located in the CHESTNUT HILL, MT. AIRY, GERMANTOWN  area, close to Roxborough, East Falls, Flowertown and Wyndmore. Her office within the AWBURY ARBORETUM is also where she conducts workshops. This setting is extremely private and offers the comfort of 55 acres of trees and gardens.

Upon special arrangement, Susan will make  'house calls' or work on Skype. She will also consider working with busy professionals and executives who want to meet in the privacy of their own offices.    

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