Susan Karol Martel, Ed.M. - Advocating affordable mental health care for all.

Susan would be happy to create a workshop addressing your personal or groups' interests. In Susan's Relationship School Workshops she has titrated her years of experience helping individuals, couples and groups relate on a more satisfying level into helping them learn a new repertoire of skills.

Her Improv workshops are a great way for singles to meet;  she's created workshops for heterosexual singles and gay singles. These workshops were listed as one of the "Best of Fringe" during a past Philadelphia Fringe Festival.

Susan's Couples' Improv workshops help couples increase their level of intimacy by learning to be more present, relaxed and playful.

Improving a Life is a way for cancer patients and those dealing with other health challenges to learn to focus on life in the present and create new ways of relating to their illness so that it does not diminish who they are.

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