Susan Karol Martel, Ed.M. - Advocating affordable mental health care for all.


In efforts to pay their 'civic rent,' Susan and Cathy A. Barlow, Esq. formed For Our Common Good, LLC. The following are some of the projects they have initiated since 1988:

Homelessness: Housing purchases in North Philadelphia for homeless families; ongoing holiday card project for Philadelphia Committee to End Homelessness; Recycling: Goods from the Main Line sold by community owned and operated West Philadelphia’s Second Mile Center Thrift Shop; Immunization: Pediatric Partnership between Main Line Pediatrics Group and urban mothers’ and children’s coalition; Education: Founding member of EAC (Educational Advancement Center) for refugees from 35 countries settling in the West Philadelphia area; Housing: Financial help for low-income families to purchase housing; founded the Neighborhood CASA Project with White Dog Café stabilizing houses within the Village of the Arts and Humanities, North Philadelphia; Racial Profiling: The Mothers’ Ribbon Project showing solidarity from white mothers with mothers of black sons toward the safety of all our sons; at Million Mom March, collected stories from women raising sons of color; articles about racial profiling in the Main Line Times; supporting organization  for The Million Mom March; Health Care: The L’Haim Fund paying welfare-to-workers in the Awbury Arboretum hourly wages for work missed due to medical appointments; initiated a benefits program through Philadelphia Unemployment Project matching donors with individuals or families who have no health care; Art and Artists for Social Justice: Underwrote for television performance artist Faye Kahn’s last work, “And Now A Word From The Promised Land” (Kahn died after ten-year battle against Breast Cancer one month later); Adoption: Creative initiative toward benefit of 100,000 U.S. waiting children, acknowledged by President Clinton; Hunger: Proceeds from our recording of The Children’s Song toward eliminating hunger to benefit Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger.

OUR MOST CURRENT PROJECTS "26 of 29." According to UNICEF Report Card 11 issued in April, 2013, the US is number 26 of 29 wealthy countries when it comes to the welfare of our children. Our goal is to bring this astounding ranking to the public and urge citizens to vote for those who back bills to improve the conditions of citizens under 18 who can't vote.

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