Susan Karol Martel, Ed.M. - Advocating affordable mental health care for all.

Susan Karol Martel, Ed.M. has been working with couples and individuals for over thirty five years. She is a Clinical Fellow of The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists. She did her graduate studies at Harvard and her undergraduate at Temple.

Susan's training is in psycho-dynamic psychotherapy. She is  current with the newest approaches in the neurosciences and mindfulness practices in working with individuals and couples. When clients understand that their brains are not hard wired, they are more readily able to change the behaviors that have kept them stuck in old repetitive patterns.
Clients are often relieved to know that many of their actions are ‘not their fault;’ they simply haven't learned how to rewire their brains to alter old left over knee-jerk reactions that have become habituated over time, reactions usually based on fear and self protection.

Her treatment specialty areas are: anxiety, fear and depression; stress and it's relationship to wellness; gender issues and same-sex relationship issues; separation and divorce; postpartum and parenting; menopause and aging challenges; dealing with chronic and critical illness; care-giving challenges; and loss.

Her Associates-- internists, psychiatrists, oncologists and Alternative Health Care and Integrative Medicine providers are those with whom Susan has worked over many years. Clients can be confident that when necessary, the additional help and consultative services her associates provide will complement and parallel the quality of her care.   
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